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Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle’s letter to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding Wet’suwet’en

Today, as we prepare to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada on 21 June 2020, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle is encouraging the Federal Government to reclaim the cooperative moment of breakthrough in the negotiations with the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs. The Circle calls to attention the need for more progress to be made across the country in the practical implementations of First Nations rights and title over their lands and traditional territories.

OLGC letter re. Wet’suwet’en

OLGC letter re. Wet’suwet’


Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle’s letter to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding Wet’suwet’en2020-06-21T11:53:21+00:00

July 5-13 2015

Apostolic journey of Pope Francis to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay



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March 25-26, 1971

National Indian Day of Prayer. From the minutes of the Board of the Canadian Catholic Conference:

A request was received from the Indian Ecumenical Conference that the CCC declare June 21 a “National Indian Day of Prayer”. June 21 has traditionally been a sacred day of fasting and prayer for Indians throughout North America. Following some discussion, a motion was presented … and [it was] unanimously accepted by the meeting that once the Office for Apostolic and Missionary Assistance has ascertained that the National Indian Brotherhood has no objections to such an action they were authorized to proceed with declaring June 21 as a “National Indian Day of Prayer”.

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