The Government of Canada has tabled the long-awaited Bill C-15 An Act Respecting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), intended to provide a legislative framework for working together with Indigenous Peoples to implement the UNDRIP in Canadian Law.

While the Bill is being debated in parliament and in public fora, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle encourages Catholics and other Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians deepen our awareness of this important moment in the life of our country and what may lie ahead on the path to reconciliation.

Click the link below to find a few preliminary links to resources to help us all to become informed and engaged with the progress of Bill C-15 and implementation of UNDRIP in Canada.



The analysis, views and other information presented here are to encourage dialogue and engagement in the Truth and Reconciliation process.  These are not statements of the Circle.