Yearly Archives: 1990

November 30, 1990

Milton McWatch of the Ojibway people was ordained a Catholic priest at Christ the King Church in Sudbury by Bishop Jean Louis Plouffe. One of the very few Native priests in Canada, he had been educated by Jesuits at the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre and at Regis College, the Jesuit theologate in Toronto. He served in various parish assignments in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay. He died in 2017.

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September 1990

The chair of the Social Affairs Commission urged the federal government to meet with representatives of Native groups to settle for acceptable, just and moral solution to the Oka crisis.

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August 28, 1990

The Social Affairs Commission wrote to the premier of Quebec asking for a negotiation process that would ensure Mohawks’ rights and the setting up of a commission to oversee friendly relations between Natives and Whites in resolving the Oka situation.

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August 28, 1990

The Social Affairs Commission wrote to the prime minister asking for the immediate setting up of a negotiation process to ensure rights of Mohawks and a mechanism to find just solutions for claims (land rights and self-government) of Aboriginal nations across Canada.

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August 28, 1990

A CCCB Plenary Assembly session was entitled After Oka. There was a proposal by the Social Affairs Commission to prepare an information kit to serve as an education tool concerning Native issues.

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August 24, 1990

The chair of the Social Affairs Commission appealed to the Mohawks, the Quebec Government and the Federal Government for immediate peaceful solutions in the Oka situation, including removal of barricades, refraining from use of armed intervention, and pursuit of a just settlement of the Mohawk claims.

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July 29, 1990

CCCB President, the Most Rev. Bernard Hubert, representing the CCCB at the march for “Peace and Justice” held at Oka, issued the statement “Achieving Peace at Oka”.

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July 17, 1990

The Social Affairs Commission wrote to the prime minister urging a just and moral solution to the conflict at Oka.

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May 29, 1990

The President of the CCCB wrote to the prime minister concerning constitutional recognition of the rights of Aboriginal Peoples.

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