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April 17, 1976

The Conference’s Social Affairs Commission sent a Telex message to the prime minister promoting postponement of offshore drilling rights in the Beaufort Sea until adequate safeguards were taken to protect environment and consultation with Native communities affected.

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April 1976

Presentation of a brief to the federal government’s Berger Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry hearings in Yellowknife. Entitled Colonial Patterns of Resource Development: A Case Study of the Native Peoples’ Struggle in the Amazon Basin of Brazil and its Implications for the Northwest Territories, the study was prepared jointly by the Conference’s Social Affairs Department and the Corporate Action Research Project. It was reported that approximately 20 per cent of the 500 presentations to the southern hearings of the Berger Commission on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline came from Catholic entities. Six Bishops made submissions to the hearings, including Msgr. Adolphe Proulx of the Conference’s Social Affairs Commission.

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